Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood
01 Jul
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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood

Summer is a season of opportunity for many burglars. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), burglar rates increase around 10 percent in the summer, and the worst months are July and August. The spike in crime rates are easily due to the events of summer. Homeowners often go on vacation during this time, leaving their homes unprotected and overlooking proper safety precautions.

Neighborhood safety should be one of your and your family’s top priorities. As San Antonio is short police officers, response times become longer and that could cause members of our community to try to take actions into their own hands, which we do not condone. But there are many other ways to help improve the safety in your neighborhood, which will also reduce crime.

Become Friends with Your Neighbors. If you don’t know your neighbors by now, this is the time to do it. Attend neighborhood events, join a PTA (Parent Teacher Association), or simply introduce yourself to your neighbor.

Form a Neighborhood Watch. A neighborhood watch program shows criminals that your neighborhood is the wrong one to target.

Utilize Social Media. Search for neighborhood groups on Facebook that allow you to post about suspicious people in the area. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a group, it’s time to create one.

Install Security Cameras. Set up cameras at the main entrances of your home and at any other spots burglars might find a way to enter. If this step proves to be too expensive, find out who in the area already owns security cameras. Police officers can use video surveillance cameras to your benefit.

Invite Police Officers into Your Neighborhood. If you’re an event planner, you could set up a neighborhood meeting and invite a police officer. After you speak about your concerns of crime in the area, the police officer can offer crime prevention tips.

Have a fun and safe summer. You don’t have to become a vigilante to prevent crime in your neighborhood. All you have to do is be more aware of what’s happening in your neighborhood and be more social with your neighbors.


Join Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.) and learn to become the extra eyes and ears of your police department. San Antonio Police offer this training course. You do not get involved in an active crime, you just observe and report strange things happening in your neighborhoods.

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