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18 Apr
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5 Tips for Safe Outdoor Activities with the Family

Easter weekend and multiple additional holidays are upon us and the weather is great which means it’s time to spend more quality time with our loved ones outdoors. However, holidays like Easter, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July can present some dangerous scenarios for us and our families. When planning an outdoor activity with your loved ones, it’s best to plan ahead to avoid unsafe events from occurring. Communicate with your family about the dangers of outdoor activities and come up with safe ways to have fun outside.

Here’s a short list of how to play it safe when doing fun outdoor activities with your loved ones.

Organize safe play areas

Limit your children’s play area to only the front or backyard of your home. Whether at a park or your own home, establish that the street is a very dangerous place to play.

Don’t speak to strangers

Teach the kids that no matter how friendly a person seems, they should never speak or follow a stranger anywhere. If a stranger approaches them, they should run away or hide.

Don’t wander off alone

Remind the young ones to always stay in the vicinity of supervision and to never go off anywhere by themselves. And, older children who are allowed to hang out with friends should never leave their group.

Stay hydrated

With warmer weather approaching, dehydration may become a frequent worry for many parents, especially when kids are spending time outdoors and sweating. Talk to your kids about the dangers of dehydration and the importance of drinking lots of water instead of sugary drinks.

Stay protected from the heat

Always protect your skin with sunscreen. Remember that it has to be reapplied often, especially if you’re spending time at the beach. Wear thin layers of clothing and use bug spray, if necessary.

Have a fun and safe Easter! And remember these tips when the summer begins. It is never too early or late to share responsible outdoor safety tips with your children.


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