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5 Worst Things about Thanksgiving for Police Officers

Like you, police officers want nothing more than to be with their families on holidays, but that’s not always possible. Working any holiday can be tough, but Thanksgiving especially so, and overtime pay is no substitute for loved ones. Long work hours during the holidays can take a toll on our first responders, so this Thanksgiving be thankful for their service. While you may be fortunate enough to be spending time with your family, many police officers will be out working, putting their lives on the line, as they do everyday, for our community.

What is Thanksgiving really like for police officers on the job? Here are the five worst things they have to deal with during this busy weekend:

1. Car Accidents

As more and more people hit the road to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, that means there are a lot more cars on the road, resulting in a substantial increase in traffic accidents. Wintry weather conditions also contribute to this by making driving conditions more dangerous.

2. Drinking and Driving

People also tend to drink a lot more than usual during the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving outpaces all other holidays in the number of DUI traffic collisions reported. In fact, Texas ranks 8th for highest number of fatal DUI wrecks in the country.

3. Domestic Disturbance

When extended families come together in one place, at one time, that can be a recipe for a great time or a disaster. Anticipation, stress, and high emotions, mixed with alcohol sometimes result in domestic disturbances, or even domestic violence. These kinds of calls are high on the Thanksgiving holiday and police officers have to respond to all of them, whether serious or trivial.

4. House Fires

Cooking accidents happen when preparing a big meal like Thanksgiving dinner. House fires can occur without warning when cooking a big Thanksgiving turkey. Take proper precautions when preparing this year’s dinner or your oven or deep fryer could be the start of an unneeded headache this Thanksgiving.

5. Black Friday

Dealing with the rush of shoppers and holiday theft at the stores is another headache for police officers during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The annual stampede of shoppers making their way to stores for door-buster sales can be a big cause of fights and in-store theft. In addition, parking lots filled with cars loaded with newly purchased goods are prime hunting ground for thieves.

This Thanksgiving, if you come into contact with a San Antonio Police Officer, give them a smile and maybe a “thank you.” They are taking time away from their families to serve and protect yours. Happy Thanksgiving from the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association.


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