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16 Aug
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6 Ways to Reduce Violence in Your Community

Living in a city where your police department is short-staffed is terrifying. It causes panic among the community and makes violence that much more tragic when we see it on the news. But together we can prevent violence from rising in this city as we wait for the city to hire more police officers. We’re not saying you should go out and play Batman in the streets. Leave the crime-fighting to the professionals. We’re simply saying to be more active and aware in your community.

Take the following tips and apply them to your everyday life. By following this crime prevention advice, you could help make your community a little safer for all San Antonio residents.

  1. Set up a neighborhood watch in your area. If you see something suspicious, report it to the police. (We strongly advise you to not take actions on your own.)
  2. Always make sure that your house is well-lit at night. If you feel like your neighborhood needs more light posts, call 311 and see if they can help make your neighborhood lighter in the night.
  3. Gather with your neighbors often to build a healthy relationship with them and plan activities with them, such as cleaning the streets of your block from trash.
  4. Build a relationship with police officers by remaining polite to them, reporting suspicious behavior, and staying calm and focused in a time of crisis as opposed to reacting out of fear.
  5. Talk to your children about the dangers of drug use and work with school officials to keep schools and other properties drug-free zones.
  6. To build on the last point, make sure your children are spending their time in positive environments and are involved in after-school activities or sports, part-time work, or tutoring programs.

You, as a citizen of San Antonio, can help reduce the number of violent crimes by simply following these rules and being aware of your surroundings, while not risking your life in a more dangerous situation. Stay safe, San Antonio.


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