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14 Dec
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Back the Men and Women in Blue who Work to Protect You!

On July 7, 2016, five Dallas Police Officers were killed by sniper fire during a peaceful protest while seven others, including two civilians, were wounded. On July 9, following the Dallas shooting, San Antonio police got a call about shots fired near the San Antonio Police Headquarters. Bullet markings were left on the building and shell casings were found in a nearby alley. And again, on November 20, SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed during a traffic stop near headquarters.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, “At least 64 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed this year, the most in five years.” More than ever, citizens need to come together to back the blue. Here’s why:

The duties of a police officer focus on protecting the people and property of the community. They patrol their assigned areas, respond to calls, enforce the law, make arrests, and give out citations. Law enforcement officers are the first to respond to calls of crime, terrorism, and other threats. They are first on the scene of a crime in the event of life and death. In the event of an emergency, who else would you call to handle your crisis?

Police officers spend hours out of their day away from their families and loved ones. They risk their lives the minute they leave their home. Because of their uniform, they are an easy target for people who may have negative opinions of law enforcement. If an officer lost his or her life, their family loses a loved one and a provider, and society loses another person trying to keep our city safe.

Law enforcement staffing is low in the city of San Antonio. According to, as of April 2016 the San Antonio Police Department is short-staffed about 200 officers and only 1 in 10 applicants make the cut. Your attitude towards law enforcement determines whether a man or woman chooses a career as a police officer. By supporting men and women who wear the badge, you are also encouraging others to do the same.

It has never been safe to be a police officer and it never will. Police officers have one overall goal in their day and that is to make it back home to their families. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the fallen officers we lost this year in the United States.

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