Radical activists and some city officials are calling for “defunding” or redirecting funds away from our San Antonio Police Department.

It’s vital that every citizen who values police and cares about the safety of their family, their neighborhood, and their city, SPEAK OUT NOW.

Tell City Council

  • Defunding police will leave our city vulnerable to the crime and violence happening in other cities, like Portland, Chicago, and New York.
  • Defunding police removes the only thing standing between you and those who seek to do harm to you, your family, and our community.
  • Defunding police means rising crime, more rioting, looting, burglary, murders – and slower response times.

Let’s make sure our elected officials know that anyone who calls for “defunding” or redirecting funds and resources away from the police department is essentially calling for punishing public servants who have dedicated their lives to upholding the law and protecting their fellow citizens.

To send a message to the Mayor and City Council.