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05 Dec
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3 Tips for Identity Theft Prevention

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us have already begun our online shopping. And although it makes gift-buying easier, if you’re not careful, online shopping can present some serious cyber security issues. The information we share online could expose us to risks, such as identity theft, in a time when we need our dollars the most. Here are a few ways to stay safe online and prevent identity theft from happening to you and your loved ones.

Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a very popular crime and someone becomes a victim almost every minute. It’s important to take precautions with your information otherwise it can be used by scammers to apply for credit cards or go on shopping sprees. Here are three ways to guard your privacy.

1. Secure Personal Information

Safely secure all your personal records in a private area of your home. If you have guests over, don’t leave your debit or credit card lying around. And, tear up or shred and dispose of paperwork and mail properly.

2. Safeguard Your Online Information

Ensure that a website is secure by looking for a security symbol of an unbroken padlock and a URL that begins with “https” as opposed to a broken padlock and a URL that starts with “http”. Never provide personal or your financial information unless the website is secure. Always use passwords and update them regularly.

3. Limit the Items You Carry

Start to carry only the essential items you need each day. If you don’t have to carry your credit card, leave it at home in a secure spot. Carry only your personal identification and forms of payment. You don’t need to carry around your social security number. Keep it at home in a secure spot and only give it out when absolutely required to do so.

Don’t become a victim of identity theft this holiday season. Guard everything, including your car and home, extra carefully this winter. If you become a victim, make a police report and visit for more information.


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