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07 Feb
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An Officer’s Duties Go Beyond Protecting their Community

For today’s police officer, it’s no longer enough to just work in the community, they must be part of it. Becoming a visible and integral part of the community they serve benefits everyone involved. It’s no secret that police officers work hard to serve and protect, but many officers go above and beyond, by getting involved as community volunteers or participating in communitywide functions and special events. Even though officers aren’t oftentimes recognized by the media or community leaders for this, there are at least two good reasons why it’s important they get involved and give back to the communities they serve.

It Builds Relationships that will Promote Public Safety.

Volunteering in the community builds bonds and relationships between police officers and the people living in it. As community members see police officers involved in organizations that give back, it will help them see that police officers are not people to be feared or avoided, but are in fact, partners. A police officer’s goal is to serve and protect and all citizens should understand that. Collaborating with the people in the community will help to give an officer a sense of how things in the community really are, how people feel about it, and what they can do to make it better. As a police officer, it’s critically important to understand and appreciate someone else’s point-of-view.

It Really Makes a Difference

People really notice and appreciate when they see police officers in a role other than law enforcement. By joining in community events and actually being a part of it, people will see police officers as what they truly are: community members who are there to help and to make sure that if trouble comes, they are trusted partners who can be called upon to help make things right. The more often this type of engagement occurs, the more often people will not only feel safer, but better about the role of police officers in the community.

This type of engagement is especially important in low-income communities, where citizens often feel estranged not only from police officers but also from the larger community. This is where police officers, with their training, expertise, and resources can really make a difference, especially in the lives of the young people, who often look to police officers as role models. Today’s officers are doing everything they can to not only serve and protect, but to be involved in the community, and be the role models, these young people deserve.


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