Proposition B is a Vote AGAINST hard-working San Antonio Police Officers. On May 1st, when you get to the ballot make sure you go to the bottom and underneath Proposition B select AGAINST! Remember REPEAL=DEFUND.  


  1. Prop. B will devastate our city’s ability to recruit officers, meaning fewer police on our streets and slower response times.
  2. Prop. B will eliminate police officer positions and replace them with civilians, weakening our city’s ability to fight and prevent crime.
  3. Prop. B will repeal collective bargaining, which gives police officers the same say in their pay and benefits that other public employees have including postal workers, nurses, and firefighters.
  4. Prop. B will hand over police discipline to partisan politicians and unelected bureaucrats, instead of neutral third-parties.
  5. Prop. B will remove police officers’ ability to negotiate with the city on police reform and on pay and benefits for what is a very dangerous job.

Back SA Blue by participating in the May 1st municipal election and Vote AGAINST Prop. B. Spread the message with friends and family and explain the reality of what this proposition could do to our city and our Police. Also, volunteer if you can. Click the button below to sign up to phonebank and poll watch during Early Voting (April 19th – April 27th) or on Election Day (May 1st).

Let’s Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe!